Didactic resources of Ocean Literacy

“Ocean literacy” is the second project of Scientists meet Artists. It brings to life seven illustrations that capture the seven essential principles of Ocean Literacy inspired and explained by eight scientists. It creates freely accessible educational resources that seek to remediate the lack of subjects related to the oceans in formal education. It is the result of the meeting between the illustrator Inés Vázquez and the scientific staff from the Marine Research Centre of the University of Vigo and the Oceanographic Centre of A Coruña. The accompanying black and white sketchbook provide coloring fun for children to learn about the oceans with their families. A collection of outtakes brings to life some of the sketches that were very hard to discard.

Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence program and by the spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation.