febrero, 2018

28feballdayalldayA sea of colors for the Nautilus

Detalles del evento

In this scientific talk, we will discover curiosities about the algae mentioned by Jules Verne in several of his works, especially two species of microalgae that appear in ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’. These are Noctiluca and Trichodesmium, which have the peculiarity of dyeing the sea water or producing bioluminescence. Francisco Rodríguez, researcher at the Vigo Oceanographic Center (IEO) will take us on a tour of the seabed, together with the divers of Captain Nemo, to learn about these two fascinating species.


Todo el día (Miércoles)

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Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence program and by the spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation.