Vigo will host the final and international conference of the Horizon 2020 project PrimeFish

The meeting will be held in January, the 30th 2019 and will be focus on insights into:

  • Future challenges on competitiveness for the seafood sector
  • Seafood market and consumers
  • Competitiveness and economic performance
  • Value chain perspectives (seabass &seabream, salmon, cod, herring)
  • The role of seafood in sustainable diets

This program will be complemented with networking opportunities and the interactive showcase of the market tools developed by PrimeFish.

The conference will join international companies, managers, decision makers, experts, and researchers committed to improve the performance of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Europe.

A dedicated round table on the challenges ahead of the sector will count on the participation of the CEO of Nueva Pescanova, Ignacio González; Hjörleifur Ásgeirsson, CEO of Icelandic Ibérica; and Lars Liabo, COB of Kontali Analyse.


Simultaneous interpreting in Spanish will be provided. Free registration is available on a first come, first served basis. The conference will be held at Sede Afundación (Policarpo Sanz, 24-26, Vigo).

Apply for registration at:

The PrimeFish Project

Icelandic research center Matís coordinates this project and Spanish Foundation CETMAR will be in charge of organizing this conference as the closing event for four years of research hand in hand with the industry and policy makers. The project has analysed the seafood value chain in more than 10 countries and has developed studies on consumers’ behavior in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. Besides, this conference will serve as the launching pad for the prototype of a market-oriented software specialized on the seafood sector and based on big data and innovative research.

Check the Primefish Meeting Agenda here

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